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The lack of adequate compensations to the affected residents have caused many residents to refuse to accept the compensation offered. The cases will continue to drag on for a long time-even to a point where many of the residents pass away in time to come. Is there another way which give better justice to the residents?

Settlers urged to opt for mediation in row

Posted on May 11, 2011, Wednesday(Borneo Post)

SPECIAL DIALOGUE: (From left) President of Native Court of Appeal Yang Arif Thomas Akin, Dahim, Hang Tuah and Henry Ginjom (a magistrate of District Native Court) at the dialogue. (more…)

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Elections that do not reflect people’s choice may cause people to suffer problems that arise from the unrepresentative legislature.  So an anti-illegal logging case, which is an outcome of the ruling party’s pro-logging policy, will continue to bother all those involved for some time yet. But that does not means that the electoral solution is finished. The general elections may be another occasion for the Sarawakians to speak out.

Numpang to know outcome of prosecution’s appeal on May 24

Posted on May 11, 2011, Wednesday

STRONG SUPPORT: See (second left), Numpang (sixth left) and Chan (fourth right) outside the courthouse complex. (more…)

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As the deadline to challenge election result gets nearer there is another candidate from Tamin who decided not to challenge the election result which he believe, and has evidence to back it up, that the election was bought with money and projects. He even told a media report that the checks from BN, given to buy votes from the Tuai Rumah(long house chief) were not accepted by the banks. The reason he gave is that he has no confidence to win in the court, implying a lost of confidence in the court as a fair arbiter in election challenges. Left unsaid is that he accept that the non-rightful candidate will go ahead to (mis) represent the constituency of Tamin. He was indeed intimidated enough that he gave up a perfectly legal means to challenge an unfair election results affecting himself.

Longhouse chiefs can’t cash BN cheques

Joseph Tawie | May 11, 2011(Free Malaysia Today)

Cheques worth RM15,000 each which were allegedly issued to longhouse chiefs three days before the Sarawak state election are worthless.


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