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5 native villagers arrested and remanded for defending ancestral land, contemplating legal actions

Hornbill Unleashed @ 2:03 PM

HU Editor

5 native villagers Papai Ak Atin, Barak Ak Kolol, Mani ak Marin, Karia Ak Daruh and Peter Ak Laiong of Kampung Mawang from Tebedu, Sarawak, are ordered by the Magistrate to be remanded at 4 different police stations in Kuching for 4 days and shall be produced in court on 18 May (next Wednesday) at 10.00am.



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Logically the majority voters in Sarawak elected the new state government on Apr 16th and they should submit to the rule of the government and go through the `proper channels’ to address their grievances. Yet within 1 month of the poll there has been violent clashes which shook Sarawak. In Tebedu  numerous machineries, vehicles and workers quarters went up in smoke. This turn of event seems to confirm the reading of the election observers that elections which are not free and fair undermine the legitimacy of the elected leaders -and more troubles may arise than solved by the suspected `elections’. It is therefore important for leaders who prefer persuasion to the use of state violence to settle issues, to make election free and fair and make it to appear so to the public as well. However the elections were pervaded by vote buying, abuses of state resources, machineries, personnel, programs etc, as though it was not BN vs PR in the elections-but Governments Vs PR! (more…)

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News Alert : 5 Bidayuh villagers from Tebedu arrested

Hornbill Unleashed @ 12:04 PM
HU Editor

5 Bidayuh villagers from Tebedu arrested yesterday, now produced before Magidtrate at Kuching Central Police station for further remand.

The 5 villagers are Papai Ak Atin and Barak Ak Kolol from Kampung Temang Mura, Mani ak Marin and Karia Ak Daruh of Kampung Patah, and Peter Ak Laiong of Kampung Mawang.

Lawyers See Chee How and Desmond Kho represent the 5.
Also presence at the CPS are activists Nicholas Mujah, Niloh Ason and others

More Update Later

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