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Govt courts teachers ahead of expected polls

By Shannon Teoh(Malaysianinsider)
May 16, 2011

From 2012, all secondary school principals and all senior assistants nationwide will be upgraded to Grade 52 and Grade 48 respectively. — departments.bloomu.edu pic

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Hey, why are you, the SPR ,afraid of us?

Polling agents have been using the handphone to communicate with the people outside the polling centre to get help in case there are disputes unresolved inside the polling centre or the polling stations. There is no doubt that this is needed to improve the dispute resolution since the leader of the PACA from the parties can step in to bring their greater expertise from their past experiences. Now the EC want to, reportedly( see report below), ban the handphone on account of the wish by the EC to stop election results to leak out to the outside before the Form 14 is signed-which would have certified the results and make it public. This has not caused any problems in the past and arguably a safeguard to prevent any drastic changes to the results that come from ballot manipulations.

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