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Insurance agent arrested in probe into torching of logging equipment

Posted on May 17, 2011, Tuesday(Borneo Post)


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The results of the Sarawak state elections seems to be incapable to give a decisive answer if BN will win back the 2/3 majority that it lost in the mar 8th 2008 general elections. As an interim measure it is organising a rehearsal for the general elections-something which may reflect its lack of confidence at this stage-given that the lose of urban support in Sarawak may means 7-8 seats gone in Sarawak(which may add another 3 from Sabah?). There are also other reasons for the delays: the planned slashing of various subsidies chiefly Petrol, may also hamper the BN’s image building. The Opposition decided not to do their version of the mock elections-so what should they do in this window of about 6-9 months?

Pakatan: Kami tak perlu pilihan raya olok-olok, tapi sudah hidu PRU

Oleh Syed Mu’az Syed Putra(Malaysianinsider)
May 17, 2011

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Seems like even an ass is not motivated by this method!

The Najib’s political approach can be seen as a version of the carrot and stick approach in political management: carrots: 1-Malaysia slogan, market-friendly Economic Transformation Programs, more public investment to keep economy humming along, anti-terrorism rhetoric,  embracing new media, direct approach to the people, giving Minor Rural Projects to East Malaysians etc etc. The sticks: slash subsidies in essential items, maintain tight reign on media, freedom to assembly; stress the importance of ethnic representatives in Cabinet to safeguard ethnic interests, let loose the extremist groups like PERKASA, Utusan Malaysia, partisan deployment of MACC, police and the Attorney General in making prosecution, stressing Malay/muslims united front etc etc. What did they add up to?

After about 2 years of Najib’s carrot and stick operations the results seems to be like the following:


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