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STU nafi 80,000 guru dari Malaya akan dihantar ke Sarawak

Anak-anak Penan di pedalaman Sarawak misalnya memerlukan guru di kalangan Penan untuk memudahkan proses pembelajaran.

Oleh Hazel Lee

MIRI – Kesatuan Guru Sarawak (STU) hari ini menafikan laporan yang menyatakan bahawa sejumlah 80,000 guru dari Semenanjung Malaysia akan dihantar bertugas ke negeri ini pada tahun depan.

Presidennya William Ghani Bina berkata, setakat ini Sarawak mempunyai seramai 41,000 guru dan daripada jumlah itu 34, 153 terdiri daripada rakyat Sarawak manakala selebihnya 6, 847 guru dari Semenanjung.


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The concern over unofficial results is misconceived ie the unofficial results help to keep election results credible! Any drastic last minute change could be traced and frauds identified! On the contrary the lack of transparency is a sure recipe for frauds where few people are wathing directly or indirectly! There was no unrest in Sarawak elections when there were unofficial results-so what is the EC’s concern here? Conversely there were suspicion of foul plays in a number of cases eg Senadin, where the PR candidate had not enough PACA to watch over the election results. The EC should not excused the issue by saying that the parties had the chance to appoint agents-they should see if the candidates can all realistically find the big number of agents to ensure the electons are kept free and fair!

EC Mulls Options To Avoid Publicising Of Unofficial Results

Tuesday, 24 May 2011 16:42

PUTRAJAYA — The Election Commission (EC) is considering three options to avoid the publicising of any unofficial results in the next general election following such incidents happening in the recent Sarawak state election.

Its chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said the three options were banning handphones from the tallying centres, imposing statutory declarations not to publicise any unofficial results, and all the ballot papers to be counted late or at 5pm although some polling centres might close early.

He said a decision on the matter would be made next month.


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