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Long house residents happily distributing the vote buying money paid from the state coffer in support of Sarawak BN candidates!

Reject vote buying candidates!

MEO-Net (Malaysian Election Observers Network) feel compelled to present more evidences of vote buying in the 10th Sarawak state elections because of the persistent denial by politicians involved that the pay-off to voters were for the purpose of buying their votes. Since a politician in the centre of vote-buying accusation Mr Joseph Mauh anak Ekeh has come out to admit to the pay-off to voters in his constituency we consider that we need not conceal a photograph of those who are caught in distributing cash to the voters in a long house, identified in the politician’s constituency in N52 Tamin. In addition to this we are putting forward more damning evidences in the forms of payment vouchers from the Chief Minister’s office –dishing out Rm15 000.00 in one case to a long house, and in another case, a payment voucher and a cheque of Rm1000.00, for another long house recipient. A video on the vote buying, which is extended from a previous one on the issue, but added with new damning evidences,  is here.



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