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MACC Review Panel member Hadenan Abdul Jalil

The MACC Review Panel reportedly reject the video evidence as sufficient to prosecute the vote buyers, ignoring a number of factors involved in the supply of the video evidence. The foremost of them is that the accused had admitted on his own accord that he and all other candidates in the 10th Sarawak state elections, had paid-off the voters-he only disputed that the money was for vote buying. He claimed that the money was for transport, campaign work and as consolation. So the fact of paying voters was not disputed-only that someone need to arbitrate if the payment was for those reasons mentioned by the politicians, or for buying votes!

Secondly the video evidence was given along vouchers and cheques from the Chief Minister’s Office-should the MACC be a bit proactive to check on the authenticity of these cheques to see if they were given out for vote-buying purposes? By isolating the video evidence, and speculate about it as the work of actors, shows a less than positive attitude towards provider of vital information of corruption in elections! Wonder why they never made similar speculation of the purported Anwar’s sex video to cast doubt over the video?



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Some 11 million people eligible to vote
May 31, 2011

Political parties are going all out to rope in new voters

KUALA LUMPUR: Political parties have been aggressively registering new voters nationwide with some 115,989 already signed up as of March.

So far some 11,811,452 people have registered as voters while 3,973,032 or 25.2 percent have yet to do so.

Election Commission (EC) chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said the registration was done by 5,686 Voter Assistant Registrars.


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