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There has been much discussion on the bloated civil service-and the even more bloated Prime Minister Department-with the PM Dept given a budget of RM12bil for 2010 and employing 43 554 people. The White House of USA, by contrast, only spend about Rm1bil and employing less than 2000 staff!

Some ways to make sense of it: Usually the development/operation (program vs staff cost) of the entire civil service is about 1:2 ie they spend, on average, RM2.00 to employ a civil servant who has, on average, only Rm1.00 to carry out his/her task. This is not very efficient-but that is a story on its own. So: since the huge staff cost about Rm4bil they would be spending only about another Rm2bil to do their work. What do the PM do with the rest of the PM Dept budget ie Rm12bil-Rm4bil-Rm2bil=RMRm6bil? A small guess: since it has been estimated that the Sarawak state elections costed the BN RM0.5bil, then the operating cost that goes with it is another RM1bil ie Rm1.5bil for the 10th Sarawak state elections. But that is not the only elections that may come this year. The big one is just over the horizon -or as some others may have it, just hanging like a sword over the heads of the citizens!



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