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Bersih’s march was launched 20 days ahead of the actual event-yet the responses from various parties show their desperation!

Election Commission: they offer to meet Bersih if the march is cancelled. However Ambiga had already said that meeting EC did not bring much improvement! They said that they don’t want to be the scapegoat for unfair elections-so why EC is so `forthcoming’ to speak on behalf of the real culprits who should stand up to answer the charge of perpetrating unfair elections!

Gerakan: earlier one Baljit Singh of Penang gerakan want to join the rally by loaning Bar Council’s platform. Now the party said they want all sides to stop their respective rallies-or do it in a stadium. Gerakan seems to have a close-1-eye policy when it come to public rallies. They support the 1-million youth rally in Putrajaya-which was not held in any stadium. Their boss Koh Tsu Koon was next to PM Najib when it took place. Why is gerakan so scared of crowds?

MCA: they want to sack all MCA members who take part in Bersih march. Not only do they fail to support freedom of assembly they offer to enforce it on their own members! No wonder their supporters are getting less and less!



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