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Many people hold believes about the Bersih rally which may not be entirely accurate: here are some:

1. Bersih rally will be focus on July 9th-after that nobody want to know about it anymore.

Not true: the struggle for free and fair elections go on till the objectives are reached.

2. Bersih is now given support by the King -let’s be the King’s supporters and charge others like Perkasa and UMNO Youth as not respecting the King.


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The dramatic switch of the Bersih rally to a stadium may have disappointed some and bring relief to others -but that is beside the point, really! The point of Bersih hasĀ  been electoral reform. Does the change of venue affect this aim from being achieved? This is the serious issue to be addressed from here. It can be said that the fight for electoral reform is still going on-there is no stopping even after the stadium/rally. Notice that after the `successful’ 1st Bersih rally there were not much headway in terms of electoral reforms to speak of. The consolation was the break through in election results in 2008. Are we going to witness the same this time? The possible road maps for electoral reforms are many:


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