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Just look at the fuss that Najib’s BN kicked up in order to handle the challenge of Bersih-and the many parties dragged into its game plan:

*the mosques have for 2 weeks been preaching against Bersih, accusing it of splitting muslims; the abuse of religious institution to attack political enemy seems to be OK for UMNO-now who is politicising Islam?

*Toll highways use the electronic noticeboards to discourage people from joining Bersih; many highways are closed to stop people from entering Kuala Lumpur-starting mid night on Friday; long traffic jams reported all over KL in-bound roads;

*Schools, universities and government departments are warning students and civil servants against Bersih March; the police even camped inside Uni Malaya to scare the students from joining Bersih;


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Even a 1-man protest against unfair elections attracted heavy handed arrest from Malaysian cop.

Hii Cheong Fatt flew in from Sibu this afternoon. Checked into a down town hotel, then took a cab to Petaling St. He waved a huge Malaysian flag with one hand and held a placard with a simple message`bersih’ followed by drawing of a handcuff, `Kotor’ followed by a tick. Immediately he attracted public attention and honks of support from passing cars. In 3 minuted he attracted a small gang of reporters around him for his daring 1-man protest. In 5 minutes a team of 3 patrol police on motorbikes tried to stop Hii from continuing the protest at the end of a road divider. Hii argued with a plumb and young cop-with shout of `Polis bohong’-which attracted supportive echos from the crowd. The cop wanted to handcuff him and arrest him. He shouted`Apa salah?’ (What is wrong?) The young cop finally called in a police patrol car where a senior police officer tried to persuade Hii to go with him to the police station. Hii complied only after he managed to get his passport back from the police. He waved to an appreciative crowd before he got into the police car, 15 minutes after he started the `happening’ on Bersih, which ended with his arrest. A video by Meo-Net is here.


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