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MEO-Net managed to contact the Investigation Officer Inspector Marina today and was told that Hii Chong Fatt from Sibu has given his statetment today and the police will decide whether to charge him under Society Act tomorrow. Hii had not given a statement -hoping to get a lawyer advice first. However the police had invoked an obscure law to deny all Bersih detainees legal access.  No one was able to visit Hii either because the permission to visit Hii was given after 4.30pm, the end of visiting hours. Visiting detainees starts from 9.00am daily. A small team will be visiting Bukit Jalil police station to see Hii tomorrow at about 9.00am to give him moral support.

Meanwhile Hii’s wife has called repeatedly to MEO-Net to find out about the whereabout and situation of Hii. They were not so supportive of Hii’s persistent activism. However after Hii’s arrest video at You Tube (uploaded by Malaysiakini, supplied by MEO-Net)reached over 200 000 viewing many people called to hii’s family to offer support. Hii’s wife called to say that the whole family now has turned around to support him! Some Sibuan has hailed Hii as their new found hero-and may send a welcoming team to the airport for him!



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Bersih protestor from Sibu Hii Chong Fatt has finally been found -he was held all this while in Bkt Jalil police station, and had been brought in to meet Investigation Officer Inspector Marina at Jln HS Lee police station (next to Stadium Merdeka) once. IO had promised to give an approval letter to the family representative of Hii to meet him tonite.
Meanwhile Hii’s wife has been calling MEO-Net to find out about Hii’s wherabout. They were relieved to find out this latest info about Hii, after being kept in the dark for the lasr 3 days about Hii’s wherabout. Their only info about him was the video shot by MEO-Net which was uploaded by Malaysiakini to You tube.

Meanwhile Hii has become a hero for his home town Sibu. Many people called his family to offer support. Even his family which has been known to be not s supportive of his activism has come around to offer support!

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From an email received by Sarawak News:

It’s not over, comrades.


The police continues to arrest those in possession of Bersih T-shirt.


Today, one day after the Bersih rally, Ketua Pemuda PAS Sabah – Lahirul Latigu and another were arrested in a restaurant because Lahirul was wearing a Bersih T-shirt. They are being held in the lokap overnight. I went to see him earlier but IO says s28A(8) invoked- right to counsel denied.

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PRESS STATEMENT : 11 july 2011


Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) learned that its Member of Parliament  and Central Committee member, Dr. Jeyakumar was taken to Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) on 9 july after complaining of heart palpitations. He is currently warded at the Coronary Care Unit of the IJN.


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