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Police brutality that Najib tried in vain to cover up!

Najib’s response to the criticisms on the way he handled the Bersih rally run along the line that he has under-reacted on the rally -but it was necessary to stop future rallies. While most of the audience among the international press may not agree with him the implications of what he said may not have been fully drawn out for all to understand: does he mean that he actually think that the Bersih rally should be dealt with by shooting live ammunition as happen to dictators else where? What are exactly his standards of `appropriate’ response when none of the Bersih rallies in the 25 cities in the world ever suffer any water cannon or tear gas attacks-let alone elbow lock on the neck and kick on the head? How far does he want t go to satisfy his misguided `need’ to stop further rallies?


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15th July, 2011

RESPONSE from MoCS to Taib Mahmud’s remarks in Borneo Post (see BP story below).


MoCS represents the loud voices of the people of Sarawak who want to see changes and reforms in the governance of the state.

Sarawakians have enough of this misrule of their state – the widespread corruption, blatant abuse of power and the perpetuation of the politics of fear and intimidation.


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Najib has come under huge pressures after Bersih rally on July 9th. But he think that he can still make claims that all is well for the country’s elections-as though no one knows about how his party practically steal elections after elections! The whole system is rigged to ensure 1-party rule! 1 key to his `success’ is to put the EC under his own control-under the PM department! They appointed retiring civil servants who know nuts about elections and certainly lack the will and dignity to uphold free and fair election conducts. After doing all these he say he will leave it to the weak-knee EC to decided on the period of campaigning! He seems to think that the world lack intelligence to see through his `leave it to the department’ instructions! Since when has the EC been able to do anything without his approval????? Already of the 8 demands from Bersih the EC already claimed that 4 of them are out of their power! Compare this with EC of other democracies: the EC by international norms are the highest authority in the country when it comes to election matters-certainly they are not under the control of the incumbent party!

Najib defends clampdown on Bersih march

By Shannon Teoh(Malaysianinsider)
July 15, 2011

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Yellow Queen: Najib, The whole world know what you did last Saturday!

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