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How to buy an election in Asia

Cash and coercion: the mechanics of purchasing votes.

July 21, 2011 06:32

South east asia  voting fraud vote buying election fraud

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Hii’s wife called to let Sarawaknews know that Hii has been released without charge. In his first release it was Sarawaknews which alerted the wife of the good news. Anyway Hii has bought a air ticket to return on July 23rd.For this arrests it happened at Pudu LRT station and surprisingly involved 5 uniformed police and 3 in plain cloth, according to SUARAM’s report.

In between the arrests Sarawaknews was told that Hii has not shown any interests to organise his newly attracted fans from Sibu into a supporter club to help him further his campaigns on various issues. It is not clear if he is serious to pursue the issues or, as some detractors who know him longer claim, he is only into seeking personal publicity.


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Nicholas Mujah

Nichoals Mujah, Secretary general of SADIA(Sarawak Dayak Iban Association), was at the Bersih rally on July 9th and the whole time before and after that. The annual Rainforest World Music Festival was held from July 8-10th.  But somehow the police called Nicholas to give statement for his role in a protest held at the Rainforest World Music festival in Kuching, at the Simpang 3 police station in Kuching. What has happened? We’ll update you when more details are available.

Meanwhile another Bersih particiapnt Hii Chong Fatt is arrested again for staging his lone ranger protest and now remanded in Dang Wangi lock up. He had earlier called a press conference over some irregualrity in land transfer by the Sarawak CM, where there were some press coverage, but no where near the 1st arrest where the video on You tube hit 300 000 viewing.

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There are 7 Election Commissioners appointed by the King with advice from the PM, and located under the PM department. They are by `conventions’ appointed from among the senior retiring civil servants, with little or no experience in election administration, and worst, brought up in a political culture which hardly respect the separation of power in the government. The charges of partiality against the EC has been made regularly-so a suggestion has been made by the Bar Council that civil society leaders be allowed to sit as Election Commissioners. This suggestion was immediately attacked by the Bernama which takes the view that the election administration currently is already perfect!

Well it is worth looking at what other democracies do about the appointment of Election Commissioners to find out how we compare with the best practices globally! For a start the EC of most democracies are appointed by the parliament with bi-partisan inputs. Malaysian’s EC is appointed solely on the recommendation of the ruling party.


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