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WWF says blindsided by Borneo deforestation claim

By Lisa J. Ariffin
July 25, 2011

Greenpeace activists stage a protest against deforestation in the Brazilian town of Claudia, Agust 9, 2005. — Reuters pic

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The reasons are simple: safety and property can best be ensured by having the best party in charge of the government. With an incompetent or corrupt government the safety and property of citizens would be put at great risk, whether there is rally or not. The best government can only be chosen from free and fair elections. Without any seriousness to address the weaknesses of election system in Malaysia what the ruling party BN/UMNO try to do is to perpetuate their power through electoral competition on non-level playing field!Banning rallies then become a tool to suppress citizens’ questioning the unfair elections-nothing more or less about it. It is a surer way to put the safety and property of the citizens under jeopardy!

Bersih suppression for public good, says Najib

July 25, 2011

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So said a Bernama report.The Bersih rally was banned on account that the BN/UMNO see it as an attempt to overthrow it ala-Arab Spring. Problems with such a view: where is your prove to such an intention? Bersih rally aim at electoral reforms-which loudly say its vision and strategy for change  is tied to electoral politics. If anyone read more into it it is up to them to show prove. No one can act on a group merely on unproven suspicion. Or else the rule of law will give way to personal rule or rule by caprice. Another problem: does it sound like an incumbent party  is banning political competition-which is the hallmark of democracy? If Bersih is banned on suspicion that free and fair election championed by it will threaten the political dominance of BN/UMNO it means that the ruling party is showing its autocratic true colours! Now the challenge is: can BN/UMNO survive without these unfair tactics:1. Abuse of government resources(allocation, personnel, buildings, vehicles, programs etc) to buy votes? 2. Complete monopoly of public and private print and free to air radios and TVs?  And worst of all:3. Incompetent and pliant Election Commission and other institutions related to election administration viz MACC, PDRM, local authorities etc. If the banning of Bersih is related to the incumbent parties’ will to perpetuate their power by perpetuating these unfair advantages to themselves then the ruling party is making itself a dictatorship that should be removed by all means deemed appropriate to the people who are the real boss of their country!

Bersih rally-goers to face action

By Debra Chong
Jul 25, 2011

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Post rally

It seems Encik Pandi Suhaili is really hell bent on demonising students who were participating in the last Bersih rally. Please stop your apple polishing. You won’t be made a Senator or appointed into higher post. Forget it.
Don’t you realise that university students are smart enough and to know what they are into. What do you expect of them, to be a “YES MAN” and never to question the authority. Grow up Pandi….
BN had said it so many times that the “RAKYAT SUDAH PANDAI MENILAI” What does this mean to you…… can they be easily influenced by any others. No. I don’t think so. And for your info, students nowadays(especially university students) are being told to learn to ask back and question their lecturers… not just merely listening without understanding. And knowing you, of course you don’t know, cos’ you never had the experience of going to uni.


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