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There have been numerous complaints about the new supplementary voters roll displayed by the Election Commission recently. Many party leaders even claim there is nothing they can do. Actually there are ways to raise objections to the EC -which will be followed by public hearing. If the objection cannot be resolved the new voters will not be added to the master voters roll. Of course there are issues about this objection procedure:

* Objection period only 1 week-difficult to check the roll and then check door to door on whether the new voters are really new residents in the constituency or they are migrated by syndicate to influence election result, where the voters have not moved over from their previous address. Thus the exhibition period should be extended to 2 weeks;

* the supplementary rolls are only exhibited in the constituencies concerned -in contrast to previous practice where the rolls are exhibited on EC’s web site. Thus it make it harder for NGOs to do checking over wider areas to check if organised voter migration had happened. The EC does not seems to be transparent when it try to make it harder-almost impossible, for nation wide check to be done! Why are they doing this-when uploading the supplementary rolls does not cost them much at all!

* Objection to suspicious voters cost Rm10.00/head. Thus where are 1000 over voters involved the cost would be prohibitively high. If the objection is upheld the money would be returned. If the objection is over-ruled then the objector lose the money. It does not seems fair as the EC never lose even where it make mistakes or caught out in colluding with party folks to organise mass voters migration. But objector lose if they are wrong, but do not earn anything when they are proven right.

Despite that the political parties should still object to the suspicious voters to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process as well as their own winning  chances!

Pengundi P Pinang lonjak 32,000 dalam 3 bulan

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While West Malaysians now catch up with the real `phantom voters’ in the electoral rolls-Sabah had it since UMNO’s arrival…

‘Don’t be paranoid, Yong’

Queville To | August 5, 2011(Freemalaysiatoday)

Political activist Dr Chong Eng Leong wants former chief minister Yong Teck Lee to work with him to rid the electoral rolls of phantom voters.


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