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This is how far the film maker for the new film on Bengoh went to get the story for you-you can only walk for hours to get around:

See more pictures here.


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While there is a consensus that Sabah and Sarawak state government have the power to regulate the entry of West Malaysians into Sabah and Sarawak-according to the 18/20 points agreement at the formation of Malaysia, the presence of significant number of foreigners in both Sabah (1.7mil >1.5 of locals) and Sarawak(0.5mil =20% of 2.5mil locals) make a mockery of this `power’! The state government’s closing one eye to the presence of these sizable foreigners -most are illegal migrants, argue against the sovereignty issue assumed behind the `power’ for Sabah and Sarawak to ban West Malaysians. May be the time has come where the state governments in Sabah and Sarawak should be made to account for their immigration `power’. In fact any power should be accountable to the people-so why should this `power’ be exempted? Without this accountability the assigned people to exercise this `power’ will exercise it for their personal (political, financial etc) reasons rather than for the public interests. Can Taib allow a drug baron into Sarawak  and keep away Mother Teresa?  He can if he does not need to explain his action at all!

Sabah, S’wak special powers: Let court decide

Joe Fernandez | August 8, 2011(Freemalaysiatoday)

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What really push the participants of Bersih rally participants to go against severe police warnings to make their point on KL’s streets? The popular thinking is: they were asked by the party bosses. But there is also a line of thinking which look at the socio-economic context to identify the forces that push the participants to come forward despite incredible odds. A financial media identify the growing inequality within each community as the real push that power the Bersih participants. May be the government should pay more attention to this factor rather than `credit’ the Opposition parties overly in mobilising the rakyat. The responses are different if the views are changed. If the response from the government is targetting the Opposition they will use police actions to the maximum. However if the socio-economic forces are taken into consideration then any government must concede that you, no matter how `powerful’ cannot `arrest’ economic inequality anymore than you can detain inflation and unemployment!

Bersih rally may point to unequal wealth distribution, says Financial Times

By Clara Chooi
July 14, 2011

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MOCS’ `Walk for democracy’ is only 5 days to go and the organiser is negotiating with the police-who take advantage to impose various conditions on the organiser. And despite that they may still deny a permit to MOCS. The freedom to assembly and to speak has been choked by the police, whether in West or East Malaysia. The only counter is if masses of people defy the police’s misguided regime protection actions. They should be protecting the people-not the regime. The regime should protect themselves politically-eg by not indulging in corrupt practices in massive scales!

Update 1: Meanwhile PKR has officially distanced itself from MOCS’ rally. Their statement is here.

Update 2: see attachment for police denial of conditional approval for the rally

MoCS rally: Police demands met, Siah to meet CP

A MoCS press release


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