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In the context of building mega dams in Sarawak-which is loosely termed as `development’ in the media and by the politicians does it mean that any objection to the way these developments are carried out eg where it deny the ancestral lands of the natives, can be considered `blocking’ `rural development’? If that were the case there will be a load of `fighting’ expected as in many people’s mind what is `development’ for the ruling parties is destruction to the culture and environment of rural Sarawak! Most people can see that such s0-called `development’ is only serving to enrich the few top politicians and the developers linked to the top politicians. The affected people just have to step aside to make way for these top politcians to `bring development’ to the rural Sarawak area concerned. Such days where the people resigned to the rampaging of rural Sarawak-where so called `peace’ prevailed in Sarawak, may come to an end soon. Rural Sarawakians are no longer subservient to these robbers of the people’s wealth!

Rural devt will go on, says Jabu

by Geryl Ogilvy Ruekeith, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on August 31, 2011, Wednesday


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Baram Dam: Lying govt and big companies

Hornbill Unleashed @ 3:00 PM

A video link to Orang Ulu’s press conference on the Baram Dam is here.

Joseph Tawie

Local village headmen are being told that the government has shelved the construction of the Baram Dam.

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Prove of land grabs: lands outside the Bengoh dam project area also taken by the state government!

Semban village is clearly far away from the dam’s reservoir area-why evacuate them?
Semban (395m)is much higher than the dam (62m).

In the course of making the Bengoh film we found that there are gross irregularities in the land acquisition around the dam area. If the dam must be built the following irregularities are observed:
* Semban which is not near to the dam-it is miles away and hundreds of feet above the dam, is still required to be evacuated-why?

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The 13th General Elections are coming-just around the corner. Yet it is true that the Sarawakians are generally not ready for it-as there are still high unregistered citizens, eligible citizens not registered as voters and worse, the people not given education about what elections really stand for. Many voters ask for payment to cast their vote-something which will not happen if they are told in media that it is ILLEGAL! But the ruling politicians are practising different thing as what is required by their own laws. So the people/voters made the wrong conclusion and think that the money they squeeze from the politicians at elections is what little they are entitled to get from their elected representatives. It is a pity that they think so-but the elections results will be greatly distorted under such thinking encouraged by the BN. In last state elections the Tamin rep proudly proclaim he knew every candidate made payment to their voters! No one from the parties refuted what he claim!

Taib: State BN ready for election

Posted on August 31, 2011, Wednesday

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The long standing dispute over employment policy of the Sarawak state and federal government has come to the surface again: only a mere 2% of the federal civil service consist of Sarawakians, as revealed by a parliamentary reply to DAP. 2.5mil Sarawakians make up 9.8% of the Malaysian population standing at 28mil currently. Instead of addressing the issue the State Secretary prefer to totally misrepresent the situation by claiming that the state government’s employment policy is `balanced’. May be he can show some statistics to prove his claim if the ethnic balance of civil service in Sarawak-under his purview, reflect the ethnic balance in Sarawak itself? For teachers Penisular based teachers are paid up to RM1500.00 hardship allowance to retain their service in Sarawak’s interior-where there are readily available local teachers who can take up the jobs! Why?

State practises balanced employment — SS

by Geryl Ogilvy Ruekeith, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on August 31, 2011, Wednesday

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