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Sarawak’s `development’ leave Bengoh’s folks in pre-car time-capsule!

The `developed’ city of Kuching is a mere 45min drive away from Kg Bengoh, the entry point to walk-only Bengoh villages. Yet the `development’ boasted by the rulers of Sarawak had left this part of Sarawak in a time capsule of pre-car days: traveling is only by walking, carrying of goods is only by human hauling, carrying of the sick and the young to klinic outside is also by human power. As though to supplement a `period’ film some of the houses are still using candles and kerosene lamps-officially estimated at 10% but reality may be more.There is no air-con or fans-so heat could be killing at times, especially when there is no wind. A state that afford of over half-a billion Ringgit state assembly building somehow, cannot afford to spread a bit of its amenities to the communities nearby. At the end of the days it is these humble folks who are asked to give up their ancestral lands-their only possession, so that those who are better off in town can have unending supply of water! Such is the `justice’ under the `trickle up’ economy in Sarawak now! Could Sarawak’s politicians who travel in big cars, helicopter and private jets make some amendments to such a blatantly skewed system?



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If you live in a BN’s `white’ area or `grey’ areas, your MP will be given Rm500k-2.5mil to, put it bluntly, buy your support!Not forgetting that actually the MPs already has been given a yearly allowance of Rm1mil/pa for doing `development allocations’ -meant for the same purpose. Lately with the talks of 13th GE coming around the corner there has been a few rounds of Ringgit `raining down my head’ for those who felt it: pre-raya civil servants’ bonuses of Rm500.00/person,similar payout to pensioners of civil servants,  and a Rm1.4bil `welfare’ payout to old and sick people whose identity is probably located in the targeted voters roll! With all these pay out there is no doubt that the 13th GE is indeed close. No wonder PR state government had also started to return `fire’ in kind: Rm1mil for each elected representative, excluding BN-following BN’s policies! This is a good illustration where a bi-partisan policy differ from a non-partisan policy! The people should know which policy that benefits them as equal citizens of the country!

BN MPs get extra funds as snap polls loom

By G. Manimaran and Boo Su-Lyn
September 04, 2011

Najib is bent on regaining the type of majority BN had in Parliament before Election 2008.

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