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Taib’s White Lies behind the Baram Dam

Each year, thousands of rural families (especially the dayaks) are forcibly displaced by so call “government development projects”, whether by timber companies, dams, roads, oil palm plantations and quarries. While such projects can bring enormous benefits to society, they also impose costs, which are often borne by its poorest and most marginalized rural folks. As one famous author wrote in his book he points out, “for millions of people around the world—development has cost them their homes, their livelihoods, their health, their rights and even their very lives.” Impoverishment and disempowerment often become their lot, with particularly harsh consequences for women and children.



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Campaign only to where cars can go, OK?

The end of the road for cars…
..the beginning of the road to Sarawak’s vast interior!

I came across a party chief in a certain town who told me that his team will set a limit to campaign to where cars can reach because his party members cannot go further than that. I was stunned because there are many constituencies in Sarawak where the car’s reach is only a minority of the constituencies! Beyond that the campaigners need to walk, take boat, or if they afford, fly in! Of course not many campaigners, except those from ruling parties, can afford to fly in with a helicopter. So they need to walk, hike, and take boats to those outlying areas where the voters are scattered.

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September 06, 2011 13:05 PM

EC Provides Online Voter Registration From Sept 6

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 6 (Bernama) — Malaysian citizens aged 21 and above can now register online as voters by downloading and filling Form A from the Election Commission’s (EC) website, www.spr.gov.my.

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