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From a FB post:

Federal Court Decision tomorrow for NCR Land at Jalan Duta. Case of Bato Bagi and Jalang Paran, the Penan from Belaga. Let us pray that the judge will decide in favour of the natives for to them land is life. Jalan Duta High Court 2.30pm. Whoever is in K.L. can attend and show your support.

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Unhappy BN sacks longhouse chiefs

Joseph Tawie | September 7, 2011

The side-effects of the April 16 state polls which saw opposition make historic inroads in Sarawak are being felt in longhouses now.

KUCHING: Several elected tuai rumah (longhouse chiefs) have been dismissed and replaced by pro-Barisan Nasional ones following the recent April 16 state election.


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Between cheerleading and `alternative’ bias

`Grey area’


He he he…who will have the last laugh?

There is a great disparity between the expectation on the Bengoh seat before the polling and the results after…why? Face it: the great expectations, in a big part, derived from the media we consume! The mainstream media, while always do cheer leading for the incumbent party that support the dam- that worried the residents to no end, they did concede the Bengoh seat as `grey’ eg Borneo Post. But some mainstream media eg Astro Awani which ran a nightly `Focus on Sarawak’ talk-show did had a panel of assessors -mainly local academics, who tagged Bengoh as a `hot seat’. So if you read the mainstream media you will get a hint of worry on the part of the incumbent candidate and party as well. When you read the alternative and Opposition media the description of Bengoh is not only `hot seat’ but also at the fore front of change for the 6 Bidayuh majority seats! This is helped along by You Tube videos which interviewed local voters in Bengoh’s town areas which featured the highly disgruntled voters spewing overflowing local dissatisfaction against the incumbent party. In a background of images of overflowing crowds in the nightly rallies of major cities reported in alternative media who would be faulted for thinking of Bengoh as a sizzling red hot seat? Each side is trying to be the cheer leader of their favorite side, leaving the truth, welcomed or not, to be exposed only on the polling night!

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Ex-senator agrees with US cable on Sabah situation

Queville To | September 6, 2011

A Sabah activist claims a ‘reverse takeover’ was happening in Peninsular Malaysia where names of non-citizens were begining to appear on electoral rolls.


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