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The Federal Court’s negative decision on Batu Bagi’s case is given commentary here by a lawyer of Baru Bian’s firm representing the natives here. The decision ruled that accepting compensation amount to giving up on NCR-something for other natives to consider when receiving the compensation from the developer of any projects.

A report on the court outcome:

S’wak natives lose test case over mega-dam

fmt | September 8, 2011

The ruling by the Federal Court dealt the natives a blow to their hopes of getting fair compensation for lands seized for the Bakun dam.

by M Jegathesan



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6 Tuai Rumahs go to press to demand reasons for sacking by Taib

Tuai Rumah Sandah of Machan, Kanowit*, has just won a NCR case represented by Baru Bian’s legal firm-but almost immediately the retribution came: he was sacked as the Tuai Rumah of his long house by Taib and stand to lose the Rm800.00 monthly allowance for a tuai rumah!

Watch out here for more details!

* Previously mistaken as from Simunjan. Apologies.

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