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The Federal Court, in judging the Bato Bagi case, refused to pass its judgement on whether the land acquisition/grab laws in Sarawak is violating the Constitution, which protects the rights to property of all Malaysian citizens. This is but 1 of many instances where citizens seek protection from the highest laws of the land -only to find that the highest court refused to clarify its stand on the apparent conflict between the Highest laws and those lower. Actually there are plenty of such conflicts eg The Constitution protect most human rights eg freedom to assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of movement etc. However there are laws that restrict these rights to the point of extinguishing them practically.  Why isn’t there a Court that focus on such conflicts and tell the citizens where the laws stands? Poor Indonesia had a Constitutional Court. A citizen does not have to have a lawyer to send a petition to it and expect a ruling within a short time-2 weeks if memory serve me right! A citizen asked :when 25% of Indonesians are not registered as voters -would the election results be credible and acceptable? The Constitutional Court came back with the brave judgement: any  citizen who shows a Identity card can vote in the area where they are registered on the ID! By this judgement the Court affirm that indeed every Indonesian citizen has voting rights-including convicted prisoners!

A Constitutional Court sits just a short flight away, across the sea. Time for Malaysians to have a Constitutional Court???

Constitutional question: Judges let down public


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Look it up here-going to be one of the most scrutinised judgement by the departing Chief Justice.

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More will be dam(ned)!

Baleh dam to be built first — Awg Tengah

Posted on September 9, 2011, Friday

HUGE POTENTIAL: Map of Sarawak with potential HEP sites.


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The news is out that 1 of the 8 Bersih demands ie the use of indelible ink, has cleared Cabinet approval, while the biometric system, tainted by its flawed performance at the Immigration Department when it was used for foreign workers, has to wait more appraisal without a time limit. So it is a success for civil society-but the other demands still need long wait before they, if any, would be implemented. The success with the indelible ink shows that: YES-people can change government policy; But the pace is too slow if the target is to get it done ahead of the 13th GE. The PSC already refuse to deliver its recommendations ahead of the 13th GE-showing that the government is happy to exploit it for publicity but refuse to let fair elections stand in its way of continuing their half-century old power. What this means: more need to be done!

Cabinet dithers on EC’s biometric system for voters

By Jahabar Sadiq
September 09, 2011

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