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The Election Commission seems to have perfected the art of blaming everyone except itself! The latest expose is that there are military personnel whose names appear both in the postal voters’ roll as well as the ordinary voters roll. EC blame the Assistant Registrar and the Military for making the errors-never itself. The guess work-since it was not done after any investigation, were laughable: the voter registration forms need to be verified by the EC before they can be inserted into the official voters roll. All Assistant Registrars are briefed by the EC that the voters application forms submitted to the EC will be vetted acoording to a number of criteria-chief of which is redundancy! So it is impossible for redundancy to occur as the IC no of applicants can be checked against the EC’s own wed site to find out if there is already redundancy. Now the trick is: the military and police personnel do use another set of ID numbers after they join the military/police. The challenge is hardly an excuse: since the adoption of a new military ID need to be preceded by the surrender of the existing ID number someone is definitely not doing his/her job to take down all the registrations done by the military personnel with his old number! Similarly when the person retire and adopt an ordinary Mykad number-someone has to delete all the registrations done in the name of the military ID. Now; whose job is it? If there is no clear and effective delegation of this duty then the parties are at clearly at fault -whether it is the military or the EC staff. Overall the EC is at fault as the electoral roll is the job of the EC entrusted to it by the Constitution! Now that the problem has been exposed: let some head roll!

EC’s No. 2 shifts blame to registrars, Defence ministry


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