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Justice ala Bato Bagi’s case: how does it compare to normal property transaction?

The Taman Tun Abdul Razak resettlement housing is supposed to be ready last year-but???

If you buy a piece of property you can pay 10% deposit and then you are given a certain period to finalise complete payment and paperwork to acquire the property in your name. If you fail to come out with the payment the deposit is forfeited and you will not be able to touch the property-it remains with the original owner.So how does the acquisition of the Bengoh dam sites by the government differ from the normal property transaction that we normally practice?

The government provided some compensation money to the villagers affected in 2008-actually part of them, and promised to finalise all compensation package and payment by middle of last year, where the villagers are moved to completed new housing in Kg Semadang, in a `taman’ called Taman Tun Adbul Razak. Now the deal actually did not go this way.  After the deposit payment to some of the villagers the government failed to provide for alternative housing and failed to settle the balance of payment. It has been 1 year or more now. So: is the deal still valid?


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PM Najib’s announcement to repeal ISA and 3 emergency declarations can be a genuine democratisation effort-which is what he want us to believe, and also a politicking ploy, as most people familiar with the BN’s politicking would rather be cautious about. Before this `reform’ the same PM had announced the Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reforms-only to wipe off much of the shine by refusing to allow the reforms to come before the 13th General Elections! So: if the ISA repeal were to come after 13th GE then all the people would still be holding their breath if they were to be the `lucky’ ones to feel the effect of ISA as the last batch? Also the timing of the repeals may leave the BN to hold detention without trial power all the time seamlessly! What they will do is to repeal ISA after the succession laws are introduced. Another way is to repeal ISA but keep Emergency Ordinance till the new laws are gazetted. In any case Malaysia will still not see a day where detention without trial can be away!


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