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Finally they open their eyes to the need to enfranchise the 10 000 Penans in Ulu Baram-2 years after MEO-Net started the campaign in 2009!

Baram needs more assemblymen

FMT Staff | September 19, 2011

Will the Election Commission consider Baram’s need for more constituencies?



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More rural representatives become heavier burden on the rural folks?

More representatives for rural areas-more burden?

The assumption of giving more rural representatives to the rural areas and voters is that the bigger number of representatives will allow these representatives to speak out for the rural folks who face under-development in all aspect of their lives. However the reality seems to be the opposite in Sarawak! Far from speaking out for the rural folks who voted them into the legislatures the representatives become more the speaker of the government to the people, and worse, filter out many allocations to the rural areas such that it gives an original meaning to the `trickle down’ theory in economics! Let’s look at the evidence -which is coming out in a new film on rural Bengoh!


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