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After Bengoh dam, 12 more huge dams to go!

12 more huge dams coming up!

After the completion of Bengoh dam there will be 12 more other giant dams to be built by the state government across the state, not to count the biggest Bakun dam which is a Federal project. There is a need to monitor the dam development as we found out in the Bengoh dam case: the people are seldom consulted; elected representatives and government departments are mobilise to bulldoze the projects through with threats and inducements; dams are built over the size that are really needed to give extra benefit to the builders-who are all closely linked to the Chief Minister of Sarawak; environmental destruction not factored in the dam design-with the EIA and SIA not required by laws to be made public etc.



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There has been a mystery on the code `71′ on the Mykad-but no one can really tell which state this code stand for. Every state in Malaysia has a code for the Mykad eg 02 is for Penang, 13 is for Sarawak. But 71? Malaysia don’t have so many states to stretch the codes to 71! Now the mystery is revealed by the JPN under pressures from the enquiring citizens:71  is the code for people born outside Malaysia-whether they were Malaysians or other nationalities before! Why it takes so long for the mystery to unveil itself? If not for public pressures will it even be revealed at all? Much work need to be done on the 170 818 Kykad holders with a code 71. Keep watch on this blog!

170,818 voters come from ‘unknown birthplace’

Tarani Palani | September 20, 2011

PAS Youth reveals more discrepancies in the Election Commission’s electoral roll.

PETALING JAYA: Some 170,818 voters whose birth place is unknown have been registered as voters, PAS Youth claimed today.


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UK peer presses London to act on Taib graft allegations

By Shannon Teoh(Malaysianinsider)
September 20, 2011

International pressure by environmental groups has seen Germany and Switzerland opening investigations this year into allegations of money-laundering by the Sarawak chief minister. — file pic

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