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Move is afoot to make the Parliament independent administratively-by reviving the Parliamentary Services Act which was dropped years ago. So: if this can be done for Parliament-why it can’t be done for the supposedly independent Election Commission?

Giving Parliament more independence

K Pragalath | September 28, 2011(Freemalaysiatoday)

With Parliament running its own administration, staffing and financing it would cease to look like another government department.


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Just a quick count   over 30  Assemblymen/women of Sarawak BN had been appointed as a minister/assistant minister of sort in Taib’s new cabinet! Are they to do some really needed work that fewer people cannot do-or they are there to satisfy the party’s `need’? This is a `political’ cabinet or a `working’ cabinet?

New ministry, seven new faces in Sarawak cabinet reshuffle latest!

Posted on September 28, 2011, Wednesday

KUCHING: The state cabinet reshuffle that will take effect on Friday will see a new ministry being created, five ministries renamed and seven new faces including a woman to be appointed as assistant ministers.


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PAS found that thus far, after numerous challenges from the party and NGOs the EC had erased 120 361 dubious voters from the official roll, amounting to 0.98% of the entire electoral roll with 12mil voters. The EC has released a statement that from July to Sept 15th 69 293 voters had been removed with help from the JPN. And another 50 000 voters are under investigation for error of registration. Such a mass erasure cannot be explained by clerical errors -and should not go without some form of accountability from the EC or the JPN! The amount is enough to influence election results-the criteria for election court to uphold an election result challenge! If the situation is not addressed this alone can render the election results suspect!

The practice to not answer complaints of electoral rolls weaknesses had finally backfired on the EC. The accumulated weaknesses would snowball and crush any credibility of the EC in performing one of its Constitutionally mandated job ie compiling the nation’s electoral roll. The person in charge ie the Chairman, should step down to take responsibility rather than do as in the past, to claim that he is no expert in this area!


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