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Save the last Eagle dance for…..?

The Semban’s ladies who wear copper rings on their limbs from young perform a unique dance called the Eagle Dance for visitors. But since they will be evicted to make way for the Bengoh dam soon they may dance their last dance-at least in their ancestral home, very soon as well. The other villagers don’t have such tradition. It means that when these ladies stop the whole tradition may come to a halt. The eviction does not help. Actually the village itself is 200 meters above the dam’s reservoir and at least 2 km away-giving rise to suspicion that this could be just another of the hundreds of land grabs around the state! Worse their houses are said to be converted into tourist homestay props! Come to watch the Bengoh film to find out how ridiculous the whole thing could be!



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MCLM’s chief Harris Ibrahim flew in to Kuching with a partner just now and got arrested upon touch down. He cannot be contacted currently. He was scheduled to give a talk on his political group’s plans this evening. Now that Harris, who had left Bersih to pursue his political aspiration, is put out of action-as expected, the partner will take over his job following their plan B. It is expected that there will be more audiences for MCLM after Harris’ arrest. This is his 2nd time being stopped from entering Sarawak-the 1st being at the 10th Sarawak state elections.

Update: Harris is said to have been sent out at 7.00pm(he was arrested at 6.30pm). Now another speaker is addressing a small crowd in Kuching. Harris flew in from Sabah earlier after finishing his RARA forums in Tawau, Sabah.  MCLM has earlier shown interests on Sabah and clashed with PKR on how to handle the local parties.

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