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Oct 21st-Antidam meeting in Miri, attended by people affected by Baram and other dams. The anti-dam sentiments which was brought to the open at the Baram Regatta is burning bright again!

oct 22nd-Sarawakians’ brunch in KL’s Central Market. Many Sarawakians and supporters turn up to meet the Barefoot Mercy organisers and PKR Sarawak’s cheif Baru Bian.

Sarawakians are mobilising. What can others help to keep the momentum going?


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In Sarawak’s long houses the government had taken over the long house residents to choose the headman-and the `chosen’ one has no more right to choose who they support politically. If they are seen to veer from giving full support to ruling parties, or give equal chance to both sides to campaign, the headman’s days start counting! This tragedy is so blatant: the ruling party use government fund to support the headman who are by all intent and purposes, their political/party appointees. The report below is one of the many cases happening. Many headmen are replaced after the last state elections where they are accused of siding with the other side. Clearly they have no choice on who they want to support!

Keep calm over headman dispute, villagers told

Posted on October 22, 2011, Saturday

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