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EXCLUSIVE: Bruno Manser Fund names Taib’s foreign helpers

EXCLUSIVE: Bruno Manser Fund names Taib's foreign helpers

(BASEL, SWITZERLAND) Thirty individuals from nine countries have today been named and shamed by the Swiss Bruno Manser Fund for being business partners, proxies or other helpers of Malaysian potentate Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”) and his family. Taib, Chief Minister of Malaysia’s largest state since 1981, has for a long time been accused of destructive logging of the Borneo rainforest and the massive abuse of his public office for personal gain. With his family members involved in global business operations estimated at several billion US dollars, Taib is believed to be one of South East Asia’s richest and most corrupt politicians.


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Scandal:Auditor General report exposed Bengoh re-settlement site as `unsuitable’!

Kg Semadang re-settlement area has just been started-but its unsuitability could have been known 2 years back!
According to the Auditor General’s report just released at Parliament the government’s re-settlement for villagers displaced by the Bengoh dam has been found to be `unsuitable’, as quoted by journalist Sulok Tawie. The disclosure is scadalous: the AG report is usually dated 2 years back; so why is the developer still proceeding with the building of the new re-settlement scheme at Kampong Semadang while the `unsuitability’ of the site has already been known 2 years back? Are they forging ahead following the same pattern that they had been building the dam ie keep the villagers in the dark?

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Agnes Daya escaped arrest by the screams from her Iban neighbours!

Sarawak’s joint ventures in oil palm plantations tend to end in dissappointment for the natives partners. A joint venture in Kg Dijih, Selangau saw the natives receiving merely Rm70.00 for some villagers since the plantation run by Pelita Holidings started in 1999. Dissatisfied natives started to harvest the oil palm fruits themselves. The company applied for a court injunction to stop that. Agnes Daya defied the order since she did not get what is due to her since the beginning of the project. When police wanted to arrest her at Sibu High Court her 100 Iban neighbours screamed to stop the police.

The struggle caused the court to adjourned a hearing to feb 2012 to determine how the profits from the plantation were to be delivered to the natives. It was a victory to this usually timid natives in Sarawak’s interior! See a video of the screams here.


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