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MACC reportedly say that promises of development does not amount to corruptionsee report below)-however the promises could be made in the form of a ground breaking ceremony organised by a government agency with expenses shouldered by the public’s coffer during election period! If the MACC is serious about stopping corruption it should not turn the other ways when all and sundry can see with their own eyes that eg the UMNO president was promised government money to pay for flood mitigation projects in Rejang Park, Sibu during the by-election there! Multi-levels of corruption was committed-only if the MACC care to take it objectively!
December 17, 2011
MACC: Be careful about ‘vote buying’

Candidates warned against handing out cash

ELECTION candidates must take care not to commit acts or make promises during campaigning that could be construed as vote-buying, said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdul said such acts included handing out small amounts of cash to potential voters during campaigning, even if the receivers were not expressly asked to vote for the candidate.



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