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Before the PSC the EC reportedly were considering 30 recommendations to be introduced to Parliament for consideration. Now after PSC made 10 suggestions the EC only will implment a selected 7-so-what happened to the 30 before? The 30 recommendations were never published-but reportedly include considering extending the super-short nomination of 1 hour to 2 days-a recommendation that will drastically cut security cost on nominations days to a mere fraction of its current cost. Many other sensible recommendations were also raised. So: what happened? Again the EC was said to consider automatic registration ie use the NRD’s database to automatically register voters above 21 years old. That will also save millions spent on voter registration every year-besides freeing tremendous human resource wasted by EC all these years to perform a useless exercise which only serve to disenfranchise 4mil eligible citizens! : WHY INDEED the EC seize upon the PSC and do less than what it planned????
Seven PSC proposals accepted for 13th GE
January 19, 2012

The EC has agreed to implement seven out of 10 proposals, while the remaining three are still being studied.



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