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On the road again


Year of the Dragon ala Dayak Politics

2012 CNY brings plenty to ponder upon, but what tickles me the most is the presence of 3 Senior Dayak leaders sitting together. But before that, I’d like to say congratulation to Doris Brodie for her latest appointment as Senate Deputy President.


Recently, Sarawak Senior Minister James Masing is “testing the waters with his own call for a United Dayak Front (UDF).” [Read: It’s time for a United Dayak Front

Hornbill Unleashed | January 7, 2012 by Joseph Tawie]

Speaking to FMT recently he said: “I am very serious about forming a united Dayak front, but we have people who may feel uneasy of such a Dayak front. Why? I can’t understand it.

Achieving this is a tall order, knowing that its formation entails the three of them to sit together and have a serious talk [Segulai, Sejalai]. Thus, it is a surprise albeit ticklish to see them together [pic below] during CNY visits in Sibu [by Jane Moh, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on January 26, 2012, Thursday]


FOR THE ALBUM: (Seated from left) Mawan, Masing, Jabu, Wong, Taib, Ragad, Wong’s wife Datin Sri Leong Poh Ling, Jabu’s wife Puan Sri Empiang, Fatimah and Dr Jerip at Soon Koh’s residence.

Back to the United Dayak Front agenda, I just wonder whether Masing (since he is the one who mooted that idea) gets to talk to Mawan, notwithstanding the present animosity between them regarding Rentap or the SPDP 5.

Just to recap, Mawan was not in the best of mood recently [Masing’s merger idea irks Mawan – Joseph Tawie | January 10, 2012]

“KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president James Masing’s call for a merger of all Dayak based parties including currently ‘party-less’ elected representatives has rattled its Barisan Nasional coalition partner Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).”

Mawan even said further “Their (political frogs’) presence is worrying because they are thriving within the BN fold. It is difficult for me to contain it.”

Mawan did not name the new breed of ‘political frogs’ but it is obvious he was referring to some leaders and supporters of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) which is led by senior state minister, James Masing.

There is no love lost between Mawan and Masing. Both are fighting to win over the confidence of the Dayak community.

So it’s not a surprise that Masing’s call last Thursday for Dayaks to unite to form a United Dayak Front has upset SPDP president William Mawan and his supporters.

As for Masing and Jabu, plenty had been said about their (not so close) relationship….. from Jathropa issue to ‘Jabu’s men’ issue.

Powerful’ Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president James Masing is flexing his political muscles. And it’s obvious that Masing is bent on putting deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu in his place.

This “no-love-lost” triad is singing a different tune. A very interesting, perhaps intriguing development worth looking out for in the near future.

On hindsight, this idea of UDF is not bad and worth a thought.

Happy CNY to all Chinese friends.







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