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The Malaysian voters roll of 12mil voters has been  a laughing stock for years due to its status as an outdated document consisting of numerous historical figures-as found out by a number of election observers before. Compare this with Bangaldesh where, prior to its last presidential election, the 80mil voters were re-registered  for a cleaning operation-all done within half a year! Also compared to Egypt the military authority finally accept to use its ID data base as the voters roll-immediately enfranchising millions without much effort! Also from Egypt the military authority, in an effort to boost its democratic credential, allow Egyptians from outside the country to vote-without any hesitation and excuses as done by the Election Commission of Malaysia.  Malaysia need to know how far behind world trends-where most of the countries which were behind Malaysia have improve themselves in recent decades!

42,000 dubious voters struck off the list
Athi Shankar
| January 31, 2012

The Election Commission cannot verify more 42,000 dubious voters and will be taken off the electoral roll.

GEORGE TOWN: A total of 42, 025 dubious voters would be removed from the electoral roll when the Election Commission verification process on the voters’ list ends at midnight today.

EC chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said the EC could not verify these voters after coordinating with the National Registration Department (NRD) to authenticate them for the past three months.



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