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The EC reportedly want to introduce the following changes to the election rules: media reps will be allowed to register as postal voters; early vote counting will be stopped. If we look at the 1st change-how does it compare to allowing the overseas and out-of-constituency voters eg East Malaysians working in West Malaysia, to enjoy their voting rights? If we look at the 2nd change-how does it compare to publicising the election results by postering it at the polling station rather than only give a copy to the party rep? This is the style of the EC-dwelling into the minor areas-and purposely miss out the bigger pictures!

13th GE is around the corner-yet the EC is still beating around the bush on electoral reforms. EC should remember that if the people feel too frustrated to express their wishes through the ballot boxes they may resort to other means es what happened in numerous Middle East countries. In Egypt electoral frauds is one of the motivators for their revolution. Do the EC try to push their people into desperation by blocking all the reasonable requests from the people to make the election process more transparent and reasonable? The only worthy part of these news is that the EC is reported to be briefing the Returning Officers -in their active preparation for the forthcoming elections. Watch out!!!


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Egyptian adores Malaysia as one of the few¬† `muslim democracies’ in the world. Little do they know that the Egyptian laws, especially post revolution, had surpassed Malaysia. The following are a comparison between the election laws between the 2 countries:

* Egypt allows direct election of the top executive-the president; Malaysia leave the important post to the winning parties in the Parliament;

*Egypt use indelible ink even before revolution; Malaysia will use it if it is not stopped again before the 13th General Eletions;


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