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A Sarawwakian minister reject June 3rd as a 13th GE date not so much that it is close to the new year period of the majority Ibans in Sarawak-but more because he is scared that the homecoming Ibans from more exposed urban areas, would come back to influence the locals’ minds to not vote the incumbent! If they are so scared of these younger folks influencing the local voters-how much more you think they are afraid of giving these younger well-traveled folks  a postal vote? It is sort of `funny’ that these politicians are so frank in their simple political calculus which show how little they regard the people’s voting rights!

Too close to Gawai Dayak, Mawan says

Posted on March 18, 2012, Sunday

BINTULU: SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan did not agree with holding the general election on June 3 as it was too close to Gawai Dayak.

“It is still in the duration of Gawai and I think it is not appropriate, especially in the context of the rural community in Sarawak. I am not sure about Sabah,” Mawan told the media after chairing SPDP’s annual general meeting here yesterday.

Mawan who is also Minister of Social Development said if the general election was held on that date, there was a possibility voters coming back for the Gawai Dayak could influence their counterparts in the longhouses and villages with their views of local issues.



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