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There are many excuses used to coax the villagers in Baram to leave them home so that the government can build more dams in the state and sell to the energy guzzling industries. Among them is the excuse that taking the villagers out of a `poverty area’ will be good to improve their life!They forget to tell the villagers that once they are taken out of their land their original cashless poverty will turn into everything-less poverty! The Long Naah village here has been a village visited by Meo-Net before where there are 20 over villagers without personal documents. They had been to Long San to catch the JPN’s mobile registration units. However twice they failed to go to the front of the queues. They were then asked to wait for the mobile unit to arrive at their door step. Then the deadline at end of last year came and gone. The mobile units never came. No explanation thus far as to the failure of the mobile units to arrive there. Would the villagers be happy with the government’s promises again???

Help ensure dam’s success, Orang Ulu told

by Norni Mahadi, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on April 22, 2012, Sunday

MEMENTO FOR YOU: Liwan (fifth right) receives a souvenir from a representative of Kampung Na’ah while Dennis (left), Torstein (second right), Lihan (third right), Ose (fourth right) and Wan Saging (right) look on.


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The Registrar of Society has been notorious in giving fast track registration to political parties which are BN friendly-and delay those which are not. It is interesting to note that the ROS officer has admitted that 5 parties waiting registration are not racial. Wait a minute: there are at least 3 avowedly racial parties already registered by the ROS: UMNO, MCA and MIC. How come they can pass the `non-racial’ test of the ROS? Shouldn’t these parties be de-registered instantly now that the ROS mentioned that non-racial is acriteria for party registration? It is ironical that James Masing reportedly blew his top when a new party Worker Party formed by his former party rival S’ng Chee Hua, was given quick registration recently. Why should he-when his pro-BN party PRS also obtained `instant registration’ treatment from ROS! Why should he pretend surprise at the ease of how Worker Party obtain their registration??? ROS has once again shows that it is not a body suited to register political parties-the job should belong to the Election Commission when it is properly reformed!

Saturday April 21, 2012

Applications of five new parties still under consideration by ROS

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There are many changes proposed by the EC either on its own or in compliance with the 22 recommendations by the PSC on electoral reforms. One of them stand out: the voters rights to scrutinise the candidates’ nominations have been removed! Does it come from the fact that the BN big wigs have been caught with their nomination papers in blatant violation of the laws in recent elections? In 2004 the then PM Badawi was found not to have filed his campaign expenses for the previous election-but his nomination was accepted. Then in 2010 Sarawak state election CM Taib Mahmud’s brother was caught with similar contravention of the nomination requirement. His papers was accepted later in the afternoon. Such lapses must have caught BN leaders by surprise-and the `need’ to patch up this `weakness’ which were used to trap Opposition candidates before. So for coming elections: voters and parties will lose their right to object to any candidates! If ths were true: What a shame!

Minimum 10-Day Campaigning For GE 13

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A rhetorical battle erupted recently in Sarawak when a BN component party chief James Masing, claim that the people should not `lawan taukeh'(fight the boss). He went on to ask the people not to bite the hand that feed them. The argument did not go down well with many parties especially the unhappy electorate, including his adversaries in the BN parties. It was however a good opportunity for the Oposition to challenge him to a debate that he would not have the gut to attend. For a while the people are the boss. They just need to keep to this new understanding to realise democracy in Sarawak!


Masing: Never bite the hand that feeds you

Hornbill Unleashed

Keruah Usit


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The Election Commission always claim it has no power when it comes to changing the laws. Then when you think the PSC on electoral reforms had the last words on eletoral reforms the EC pushed through changes to the Election Offenses Act  in lightning speed-disputing the oft-repeated excuse they give : “the EC has no power…(on this and that)’. The problems is of course that they have no power when it come to do the right thing on free and fair elections. When it come to move away from free and fair elections it seems that they are very determined and `powerful’!!!

‘Amendments a mockery of electoral process’

Tarani Palani | April 20, 2012

Changes paved the way for the dirtiest election yet, says Bersih co-chairman S Ambiga.


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The police seems to be able to ask any price for providing the nebulous `security’ for the public when election come about. They asked for 10 times the fund to provide security compared to the fund to administer elections by the EC-now cut to 5 times due to increase in EC’s allocations. Now they are asking for 1000 more personnel to provide security to Sarawak’s election alone. Why? There is no reason provided-and they don’t seems to think they need to give one! There has been a suggestion by MEo-Net that if the nomination time is increased from the incredible 1` hourt to 2-4 weeks as practiced by all over the world the policing need will be cut down by over 50%! The EC was playing with this idea for a while -then they were overruled by the police who want to keep the nomination short so they will continue to demand huge police presence! What self-interested lobby from the police! The police seems to be able to command whatever price they need for the `security’ service-where the most secured thing about it is simply the police chief’s own pockets!

Polis Sarawak perlu 1,000 anggota tambahan hadapi PRU 13

April 15, 2012

Pesuruhjaya Polis Sarawak Datuk Sani Acryl Abdullah Sani berkata beliau ingin menempatkan tenaga tambahan di setiap daerah mengundi dari Lundu ke Lawas yang melibatkan 31 kawasan parlimen.


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The EC is getting more money for administering coming 13th General Election-40% more, but the areas where the money wil go shows a wrong priority. When EC is asked about more voter education, law enforcement the standard answer has been `no budget’. But when the budget do come the money go to more expensive helicopters, 4-wheel drives and speed boats. Why they never spend on badly needed voter education eg selling/buying votes are illegal and punishable by strong penalties? Why are they not spending on creating a investigating arm and also a prosecuting arm of the EC? Currently EC push its responsibility of anti-corruption enforcement to the MACC -but the latter openly refused to take it up. So vote buying is rampant when the law enforcers quarrel openly as to who should do the job. Since money is increased significantly now why don’t they use the money where they said they had not before????


Sarawak allocated RM80 million for 13th GE, up 40 pct from last state polls

Posted on April 10, 2012, Tuesday


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