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When civil society built mini hydros for the Bengoh communities displaced by the Rm300mil Bengoh dam the sitting Assemblyman Jerip Susil reacted not with relief that the residents finally can see the light but with a promise to `investigate’ the mini hydros and imply a motivation to keep the villagers from moving away. Is he dissappointed that he rather than another politician was invited to launch the project? It is the choice of the villagers who they want to invite to launch the project. After all the sitting politician did not contribute a cent towards the project.  As a sitting assemblyman he should look harder into many other locations within his `kawasan'(constituency) to ensure that everyone can enjoy the fruits of development-not to be envious when others come to the aid of the villagers from far. The lawyers have been rendering services to the villagers for years-so it is not luck but sweat that get themselves invited to launch the mini hydros. The picture below shows the bulbs lighting the launch which are powered by the mini hydro from Sg Lawai, 0.75km from the Negol village.


LightupBorneo builds two mini hydro dams for village

by Samuel Aubrey, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on April 2, 2012, Monday

KUCHING: Kampung Rejoi Ngegol, a new settlement inhabited by residents who refused to move to the Bengoh Resettlement Scheme, recently became recipients of two mini hydro dams from a so-called civil society group – LightupBorneo.



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