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The EC is getting more money for administering coming 13th General Election-40% more, but the areas where the money wil go shows a wrong priority. When EC is asked about more voter education, law enforcement the standard answer has been `no budget’. But when the budget do come the money go to more expensive helicopters, 4-wheel drives and speed boats. Why they never spend on badly needed voter education eg selling/buying votes are illegal and punishable by strong penalties? Why are they not spending on creating a investigating arm and also a prosecuting arm of the EC? Currently EC push its responsibility of anti-corruption enforcement to the MACC -but the latter openly refused to take it up. So vote buying is rampant when the law enforcers quarrel openly as to who should do the job. Since money is increased significantly now why don’t they use the money where they said they had not before????


Sarawak allocated RM80 million for 13th GE, up 40 pct from last state polls

Posted on April 10, 2012, Tuesday


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The Malaysian Election Commission chairman follow the example of Malaysian ministers to boast that Malaysia has one of the fairest elections in the world, despite numerous criticisms of the elections mis-administered by them over the decades(see report below). Previously the DPM boasted that the education system and the rate of deaths in custody are among the world’s top. It seems that the EC chair is willing to tread between the treacherous line between credibility and plausibility to follow in the footsteps of his political superiors! Once he go on this tack the number of boasts just can’t stop from coming out of his gap: he claimed that observers are welcome-despite MEONET’s and other observers’ applications; he claimed that the EC is asking legal opinion if they can strike off dubious voters-despite the fact that many applicants have dubious citizenship in the first place.  The list goes on and on. The Pinocio’s nose is poking through the window…

EC wants power to strike off dubious voters from list

by Johnson K Saai, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on April 10, 2012, Tuesday


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