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The police seems to be able to ask any price for providing the nebulous `security’ for the public when election come about. They asked for 10 times the fund to provide security compared to the fund to administer elections by the EC-now cut to 5 times due to increase in EC’s allocations. Now they are asking for 1000 more personnel to provide security to Sarawak’s election alone. Why? There is no reason provided-and they don’t seems to think they need to give one! There has been a suggestion by MEo-Net that if the nomination time is increased from the incredible 1` hourt to 2-4 weeks as practiced by all over the world the policing need will be cut down by over 50%! The EC was playing with this idea for a while -then they were overruled by the police who want to keep the nomination short so they will continue to demand huge police presence! What self-interested lobby from the police! The police seems to be able to command whatever price they need for the `security’ service-where the most secured thing about it is simply the police chief’s own pockets!

Polis Sarawak perlu 1,000 anggota tambahan hadapi PRU 13

April 15, 2012

Pesuruhjaya Polis Sarawak Datuk Sani Acryl Abdullah Sani berkata beliau ingin menempatkan tenaga tambahan di setiap daerah mengundi dari Lundu ke Lawas yang melibatkan 31 kawasan parlimen.



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