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A rhetorical battle erupted recently in Sarawak when a BN component party chief James Masing, claim that the people should not `lawan taukeh'(fight the boss). He went on to ask the people not to bite the hand that feed them. The argument did not go down well with many parties especially the unhappy electorate, including his adversaries in the BN parties. It was however a good opportunity for the Oposition to challenge him to a debate that he would not have the gut to attend. For a while the people are the boss. They just need to keep to this new understanding to realise democracy in Sarawak!


Masing: Never bite the hand that feeds you

Hornbill Unleashed

Keruah Usit



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The Election Commission always claim it has no power when it comes to changing the laws. Then when you think the PSC on electoral reforms had the last words on eletoral reforms the EC pushed through changes to the Election Offenses Act  in lightning speed-disputing the oft-repeated excuse they give : “the EC has no power…(on this and that)’. The problems is of course that they have no power when it come to do the right thing on free and fair elections. When it come to move away from free and fair elections it seems that they are very determined and `powerful’!!!

‘Amendments a mockery of electoral process’

Tarani Palani | April 20, 2012

Changes paved the way for the dirtiest election yet, says Bersih co-chairman S Ambiga.


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