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There are many excuses used to coax the villagers in Baram to leave them home so that the government can build more dams in the state and sell to the energy guzzling industries. Among them is the excuse that taking the villagers out of a `poverty area’ will be good to improve their life!They forget to tell the villagers that once they are taken out of their land their original cashless poverty will turn into everything-less poverty! The Long Naah village here has been a village visited by Meo-Net before where there are 20 over villagers without personal documents. They had been to Long San to catch the JPN’s mobile registration units. However twice they failed to go to the front of the queues. They were then asked to wait for the mobile unit to arrive at their door step. Then the deadline at end of last year came and gone. The mobile units never came. No explanation thus far as to the failure of the mobile units to arrive there. Would the villagers be happy with the government’s promises again???

Help ensure dam’s success, Orang Ulu told

by Norni Mahadi, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on April 22, 2012, Sunday

MEMENTO FOR YOU: Liwan (fifth right) receives a souvenir from a representative of Kampung Na’ah while Dennis (left), Torstein (second right), Lihan (third right), Ose (fourth right) and Wan Saging (right) look on.



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