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The PM was reported to ask Selangor voters to vote a government that can solve the Selangor water dispute ie a BN friendly government. Now the possibility of water rationing voiced by Syabas, the water utility company, that has happened has not been proven to be caused by a real water shortage-but could be politically motivated to pressure the Selangor state government. The PM’s statement then sounds like a political blackmail! This is illegitimate since the water utility was not given a mandate to hold to ransom the state government and through it the people who voted the state government in. A legitimate campaign is one where the challenging party offer something better-not by abusing the power entrusted by the public to inconvenience the public, and even use it to press for another party to be voted in! The Pm did not show that his party can solve the water problem-it is blatantly flaunting its willingness to abuse government power to engage in illegitimate politicking! If this precedent is accepted the country will be in for more politically motivated false crisis if the governments go for tit-for-tat’s! If the EC isĀ professionalĀ it will definitely not endorse or condone such illegitimate politicking! It takes such occasion to expose where the EC stands and if it has any professionalism at all!

Reprimand Najib, Bersih tells EC



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