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The addition of Rm60mil to do perimeter survey on NCR lands has been reported by Borneo Post-which also add that the surveys will be for `next year’ ie most likely to be after the state poll. The government funded surveys will prioritise `cooperative’ landowners-leaving no imagination as to who they will exclude. By making the survey a political carrot to induce partisan voting the Minister Awang Tengah expose the policy as one which do not give fair treatment to all-as almost always the case with the ruling party policies before this.

NCR land survey gets RM60 mln boost

by Philip Kiew. Posted on December 12, 2010, Sunday

BAKONG: Another RM60 million would be made available for conducting perimeter surveys of NCR land for 2011-2012, bringing the total amount for carrying out the exercise to RM80 million.



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The logging company Sentiasa Maju (64293-A) involved in the incident of intimidation against rural folks with a rifle, has these people with West Malaysian addresses as their directors, the earliest being 14-11-1980:

1. Peter Ng Shin Yow 1, Jln 6/10 PJ

2.Dato Mahmood bin Ambak (Deceased) 2, Lorong 16/9C   46350 PJ

3.Ramli B Hj Abdul Rahman 10 Lrg Kolam, Ayer Itam Lama B, Ampang Jaya, KL


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The butt of a rifle is visible from behind the logging woker of Syarikat Sentiasa Maju.

Logging worker of Sentiasa Maju face off with protesting Kg Gran villagers.

A logging company worker flashed a home made rifle to intimidate rural NCR land owners against protesting the encroachment of their land at Kg Gran, near Sri Aman, Sarawak. This happened on Dec 4th, at about 9.30am, and the company is Syarikat Sentiasa Maju owned chiefly by West Malaysians. The long house folks made a  police report against the flashing of the weapon immediately after the incidence-but so far there has not been any action by the police. The logging company started logging 1 year back despite more than 5 police reports made by rural NCR owners about land encroachment by the logger.The flashing of weapon at logging site reflect a worsening tension between the logging companies and the interior communities who have been complaining against their  NCR lands being encroached. A video of the flashing of the rifle can be seen here-a longer video will be ready soonest.


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07 December 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Blacklisted illegal-logging tycoon involved in running Malaysian World Heritage Site

Corruption scandal over the Gunung Mulu National Park widens as Samling owner Yaw Teck Seng and his family holding are identified as significant shareholders of the Royal Mulu Resort

MIRI (SARAWAK) MALAYSIA. Yaw Teck Seng, the controlling shareholder of the controversial Samling timber group, holds a significant equity stake in Borsamulu Resorts, a company that manages all the tourism activities in the Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak’s UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. Samling has recently been blacklisted by the Norwegian Government because of its involvement in large-scale illegal logging and environmental destruction in Malaysia and Guyana.

Research by the Bruno Manser Fund has shown that two companies, Sarawak Land and Plieran, who hold a 26% stake in Borsamulu Resorts, are closely related to Samling. Sarawak Land is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Yaw family holding that controls Samling. Plieran is jointly owned by Samling founder Yaw Teck Seng and four children of the Sarawak Chief Minister via two front companies, KBE (Malaysia) and Daya Syukra.

Last week’s disclosure that Chief Minister Taib Mahmud has a personal stake in Borsarmulu Resort, a company directed by Taib’s sister Raziah and her husband, has provoked a storm of outrage in Sarawak. The new findings mean that every tourist visiting the Gunung Mulu National Park contributes to enriching the Taib and the Yaw families – the main culprits in the destruction of Sarawak’s tropical rainforest – while the local Berawan and Penan communities hardly benefit from the conservation area at all.

Corruption must not be allowed to be part of a World Heritage Site

The Bruno Manser Fund is to lodge a complaint with the UNESCO World Heritage Committee concerning the management and ownership structures of the Gunung Mulu National Park. Corruption must not be allowed to be part of a World Heritage Site. The Bruno Manser Fund is asking the Sarawak state government to hand over the Royal Mulu Resort and the management of the park facilities to the local communities whose native lands have been taken off them for the National Park.

For more information, please contact us:

Bruno Manser Fund, Socinstrasse 37, 4051 Basel / Switzerland

www.bmf.ch, info@bmf.ch, Tel. +41 61 261 94 74

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Wing from Belegakini blog reported this very timely report about 1 Sg Asap community group blockading logging companies which damage their roads. Another group at Ulu Bakun is reported to be inspired to do the same in Ulu Bakun.Watch out!

Penduduk Bakun Bangkit Berdemonstrasi.

By belagakini

Bakun,Belaga:07.12.2010. Hari ini penduduk penempatan semula Bakun Sg.Asap bangkit berdemonstrasi dengan membina penghadang dan menghalang lori-lori balak yang melalui Jalan Bintulu-Bakun. Dr. Elli Luhat yang menjadi ketua penganjur dan selaku pengerusi Jawatankuasa Keselamatan Penduduk Bakun menyifatkan kerosakan jalan itu selama ini adalah satu perbuatan Vandalisme oleh lori-lori balak yang dimiliki oleh tycoon-tycoon pembalakanSarawak.


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A land grab victim of CM Taib Mahmud-more are uncovered day by day!

There is a recent video about the victims of Pulau Bruit land grabs here. Sarawak Report have further details:

Sarawak Report has been piecing together documentation that enables us to prove for the first time that the Chief Minister has conducted land thefts on a massive scale from the people of Sarawak. Using a number of sources, many of which Taib has shamefully attempted to keep secret, we are now unravelling detailed information showing the full extent of his seizures of Native Customary Rights Lands for himself and his family and also the extraordinary profits he has made at the expense of his people.


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Wednesday December 1, 2010

Protecting orang asli title rights


More and more cases of encroachment onto orang asli lands are coming to light but there are not enough lawyers in the Bar Council’s Legal Aid Centre to act for them.

THE orang asli in West Malaysia are the original orang asal but their lives could not be a more sorry one.

Progress is a double-edged sword and not all attempts for their development have been welcome, especially those that ignore their native customary rights and their ties to the land and those that would cause them to lose their identity.

At a public forum on Oct 9 organised by the Bar Council’s Committee on Orang Asli Rights (COAR) that was attended by about 190 orang asli from throughout the peninsula, there was a deluge of appeals for help.

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