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So the broken promises by the government has lost Pennas’ faith in the local reps-they want to see the big boss-CM Taib! Look like the Penans have shown themselves to be wiser citizens than many voters who(mis)take the government promises as their solution. Actually the test of the pudding is in the eating…

Penans snub local reps, want appointment with CM

Wed, 08 Sep 2010 16:24
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By Joseph Tawie(Malaysian Mirror)



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One Year After: Penan Communities Re-Blockaded to Protest over Government’s Broken Promises

By Panai Ayat – BMF


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This is a recollection of a 3-term MP on how he first got to put the marginalised Penans to the Kuching media-in 1994! May be West Malaysian public should also start to hear these folks from the very interior of Sarawak.

A distant cry for help from the jungle

NONEBy Sim Kwang Yang(Hornbill Unleashed)

The year was 1993, and I was serving my third term as an opposition member of parliament (MP) of Bandar Kuching.

In the Malaysian context at the time, the core of an MP’s job was to service the constituency, by solving the little problems created by inefficient administration, like looking after blocked drains, neglected garbage collection, and attending to minor daily problems faced by the constituents. That was how politicians saw their roles in Malaysians’ daily lives.


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Malaysia Day Sape Tour's official poster OUT!

halo friends,

The Malaysia Day Sape Tour official poster is out! Thanks to Eleen Foo for her effort!

We only printed 500 copies(100 in clour, 400 b&w) due to budget constraint-not enough to post them up everywhere in Penang & KL. But if you can lend a hand to forward this poster to all your friends, in facebooks, blogs, forum etc it will be visible everywhere and give everyone a chance to do something meaningful on this Malaysia Day! You can also help to print more copies for your areas/office/school/colleges etc.


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2 articles below are by the same MP Sim Kwang Yang:

A flower for the Penan

By Sim Kwang Yang(Hornbill Unleashed)


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Reprinted from Hornbill Unleashed:


30 August 2010
Logging giant threatens to suspend all transport services for locals unless Penan retract sexual abuse allegations

LONG AJENG,Malaysian logging giant Samling has threatened the indigenous Penan communities of Sarawak’s Upper Baram region with the suspension of all transport services provided for locals unless they retract sexual abuse and rape allegations against the timber companies active in the region.

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If the travel to collect welfare payment make the collection of welfare payment a loss-making effort-why can’t the government make better arrangement when they approve such welfare payment?

Penerima di pedalaman tidak mampu ambil elaun kerana kos tinggi

August 27, 2010, Friday(Utusan Borneo)

MIRI: Walaupun mendapat bantuan elaun daripada Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) namun bagi 200 penerima di kawasan Baram, Bario dan Mulu, ia masih tidak berbaloi kerana mereka terpaksa berbelanja besar setiap kali mengeluarkan wang tersebut berikutan ketiadaan mesin pengeluar wang automatik (ATM) yang terdekat.

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