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Road Show volunteer Wai Fong working hard to register an otherwise disenfranchised old woman in Long Sg Dua, Ulu Baram

The voter registration campaign through the monthly Sarawak Road Show almost came to a halt after July when it was found that less than 10% of  its application forms submitted through PKR or SADIA was approved! Where have the forms gone and why the low approval rate where elsewhere the rejection rate is about 10%? Many visits to the EC offices in Putrajya and Kuching later-which spanned 4 months, the first batch of the voters are finally approved-numbering 285, out of 352 checked! This is the first time that the Road Show can claimed to have help register the 1st interior Sarawakian as a voter where they are usually shun by all parties for voter registration exercise due to the huge distances involved in traveling there. So what took so long for their registration?

Many factors are involved -may be an example may suffice to illustrate the problems:


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JOAS’s press statement:

Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia Press Release (JOAS) – Indigenous representatives denied used of public hall to meet with SUHAKAM

11 December 2010

MIRI – The Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia (JOAS) representatives today were denied the use of the Petronas Games Village Hall by the officers of Dewan Suarah Miri for a consultation with the Commissioners from the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM), citing reasons that it was a directive from the higher authorities.

According to Christina David, who is one of the organising committee members for the event said that the Dewan Suarah officers only told her that the venue cannot be used yesterday when the day before they said the booking was already confirmed.


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Tony Pua spoke out against Budgetary prejudices against East malaysian states for 2011.

October 18, 2010

Despite the vast contributions Sabah and Sarawak make to the national economy, the federal government’s “petty” allocation of only RM9.55 billion for development projects in the two states is unjustified, opposition parliamentarian Tony Pua says.

The two East Malaysian states are the “biggest losers” the 2011 Budget unveiled last week, the DAP’s Petaling Jaya Utara MP said. See here for a video of Tony’s interview on the issue.


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Protests have been going on continually against the take over of ancestral land of the Terawan, Tering and Penans around Mulu National Park which is a World Heritage area-but ignored by oil palm plantation giant KTS Pusaka.

While the scandal around the Mulu National Park is brewing there is another scandal happening just outside its doorstep: At Long Terawan and a few villages around it -the oil palm company KTS Pusaka has taken over 800 000 hectares of NCR lands by securing the village chief’s consent, but notably ignoring the majority of the villagers and other ethnic groups like the Penans. The agreement between the company and the Terawan chief has been kept away from the villagers. See the video here.


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Limbang is a difficult place to get government services-be it health, education, and now even to lodge a corruption complaint! The MACC office opened for 8 months -and underwent a refurbishment, then the notice went up at the premise to ask Limbang folks who want to complain about corruption to go to Miri to do it. Just like the ambulances have been sending patients to Miri-crossing 2 borders of Brunei before reaching there-sometimes with a dead patient!

This is a report of the missing MACC office from Malaysiakini:

Kami mendapati bahawa pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) cawangan Limbang, Sarawak telah ditutup selepas beroperasi selama 8 bulan sahaja.

Semua rakyat Limbang didesak supaya membuat aduan atau urusan dengan Cawangan Miri.

NONEKami berasa amat kecewa kerana pejabat SPRM Limbang tersebut ditutup tidak lama selepas projek penambahbaikan siap.

Kami ingin bertanya, berapakah harga kosnya untuk projek penambahbaikan Pejabat SPRM Limbang?

Bukankah pejabat yang baru dinaiktarafkan terbiar begitu sahaja merupakan satu pembaziran duit rakyat?

SPRM haruslah memberi penjelasan mengenai penutupan cawangan SPRM Limbang. Adakah ini menunjukkan bahawa Daerah Limbang tiada kes rasuah dan penyelewengan?

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The Malaysian Bar calls on the Sarawak State Government to
immediately rescind the entry ban from entering the state of Sarawak
currently imposed upon Jannie Lasimbang, one of Malaysia’s Human Rights

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Despite heavy rain the 2nd day of blockade at Lawas carried on with much enthusiasm

The video for the 2nd day of the blockade at Lawas against the controversial Sabah Sarawak gas Pipelines Project is uploaded to You Tube here. Enjoy. Comments welcome!


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