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Sarawak Election
Bershih 2.0 Chairperson Denied Entry Into Sarawk

Coming in this morning from KL, Bersih 2.0 Chairperson and Malaysia Bar Council Past President (2007-2009) Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan was denied entry into Sarawak at Kuching airport. On April 13, 2011, Bersih 2.0 issued a press statement in which she critically expressed concerns regarding issues that jeopardise free and fair elections in Sarawak, amongst one of the issues was barring of activists from entering Sarawak. Now she herself has become the 4th victim following Steven Ng (denied entry April 03), Wong Chin Huat (denied entry April 08) and Harris Ibrahim (denied entry April 13).

Other issues raised in the press statement include:

  1. Distinction between political interest and administration positions
  2. Corrupt practices
  3. Postal votes

 Read from post below for the complete press statement.


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Sarawak 10th Election 2011 April 16
Voters Are Being Moved Around
Check Early Where You Will be Voting

While doing some number crunching comparing Sarawak Election 2011 roll (2010 Dec 31) and General Election 2008 roll (2008 Mar 31) based on publicly available data, it is discovered that many voters might have been shuffled around.

Take the case of P208 Sarikei that comprises N39 Repok and N40 Meradong, the overall increase in number of voters is 2143, but there is a decrease of 5095 Chinese voters from 21286 to 16191, an increase of 6012 Iban voters from 7950 to 13962, and an increase of 1179 Melayu/Melanau voters from 2439 to 3618.

Comparatively the neighbouring P211 Lanang (comprising N45 Bukit Assek and N46 Dudong) and P212 Sibu (comprising N47 Bawang Assan, N48 Pelawan and N49 Nangka) constituencies have increase of Chinese voters by 2950 and 7042 respectively.

Other areas of significant movements include (but not limit to) P192 Mas Gading (comprising N1 Opar and N2 Tasik Biru) where 3489 Chinese voters are moved out; P202 Sri Aman (comprising N25 Balai Ringin, N26 Bukit Begunan and N27 Simanggang) where 2449 Melayu/Melanau voters are move out; P217 Bintulu (comprising N58 Jepak, N59 Kidurong and N60 Kemena) where 6074 Iban voters moved in and 1772 Chinese voters moved out; P222 Lawas (comprising N70 Ba’kelalan and N71 Bukit Sari) where 2218 Melayu/Melanau voters moved out and 5134 Orang Ulu voters moved in; etc. etc. etc. Open attached PDF file and see more. 

Observations of voters movements

Giving the fact that so many voters are moved around, many will find their past voting centres no more the right place to go for voting come this Saturday. Thus all voters are urged to check well in advance where they will be voting before going out to vote on April 16.

Ways to check are:

• Online: go to http://daftarj2.spr.gov.my/ 
• By handphone SMS: key in “SPR SEMAK then send to 15888
Check with SPR 082-254867 or various local District Officers.
• Local candidates and their political parties may be able to help too, check their operation rooms.

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Press Release – 20/12/2010 from SARAWAK REPORT

Sarawak Report has been subjected to a cyber-attack, which has knocked it temporarily off-line. This follows a number of death threats sent through our mail, which have been notable for their creepy, ‘black-magic’ format.

Disabling websites by using millions of hits is a very expensive process, even more expensive than hiring top lawyers. So this limits our list of suspects in this case to people who are both very rich and have a direct interest in shutting us up, but who would rather not face the scrutiny of an open court.


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December 21, 2010


Hornbill Unleashed @ 12:00 AM 

Sarawak Report

We have an exclusive picture of Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud’s, new young bride.  Kuching has been aflame with interest and amusement at the leaked information that the 74 year old has found himself a second wife who is apparently still in her 20s.

However, the government has refused to issue official confirmation of the wedding ceremony, which was celebrated at the weekend in the Chief Minister’s vast mansion (the financing of which remains a mystery, like the rest of his properties).  Even senior Government Ministers have been scouring the web for details of the new “Thief Lady”, who has yet even to be announced by name. In desperation calls were even going out to Sarawak Report.  We feel honoured to oblige.

Sarawak’s wealth around her neck

Sarawakians will not fail to notice that several thousand hectares of irreplaceable jungle must have been felled and turned to oil palm to adorn this lady’s neck.


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Taib's billion dollar bride from Lebanon?

Of the 3 web sites which were closed down yesterday 2 are revived and 1 still inaccessible today:

Radio Free Sarawak can now be open-thus their explosive reports on Sarawak Chief Minister’s `billion Dollar bride’ is now open for all to read and download. Since the wedding and the bride has been kept such a secret Sarawak Report exposed that there are some people in high places who had to inquire from the web site to find out what really happen at the wedding eg even the name and age of the `imported’ bride still remain top secret! But the report from the ground was definitely a coup as there has not been any report about the wedding from such closed up quarter in any main stream or side-stream media. The main stream media prefer to give the function the low profile treatment as though on cue from Taib himself. The web site has not provided any clarifications on what happened to it thus far.

The Sarawak Report web site has re-emerged in a new appearance-but still inaccessible. The attack continues. Earlier in the morning the web site was revived for some time where readers can read and leave comments. However later attempt to open the web site meet up with the `new look’ where logging in is not possible. But the new look seems to suggest a hacking job on the web site instead of a DOS attack as happened previously.


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For the whole day these popular web sites cannot be accessed:
The `empire’ is striking back with their cyber troopers. Watch out-more may be targeted.There are those who can’t debate arguments with better arguments -so they resort to denying you a voice. It is harder to hit a target outside the boundary of these despotic forces-but they can still try some dirty tricks eg using robots to repeatedly open a web sites till all others are denied the access. This is a denial of service attack. Another means is to hack into the web site -which may have happened to the Malaysiakini Chinese section where a make-believe warning has replaced the web site’s content. But there are ways to counter them…

Update: Malaysiakini Chinese Section’s problem has been fixed according to the Editor-just wait for Google to do the neccesary updating.

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The campaign for Sarawak State Elections has almost started with the PBB president, through his role as Chief Minister in the State government, announced the allocation of 2000 hectare of land to Independent Secondary Chinese schools, and the Bako land acquisition being slowed down to look for a better `formula’ of compensation.

On the other hand the Opposition Baru Bian announced his reply in the form of thousands of CDs and tons of leaflets which will flood the long houses and urban areas.


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