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Taib comparable to Lee Kuan Yew?

True, Sarawak still needs Taib, but then again its a one man opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of all Sarawakians. If only there is a fair and truly independent body to conduct a survey now, I wouldn’t dare bet on Taib.

To compare Taib to Lee Kuan Yew is another story, which we shouldn’t be talking about. Sarawak is not Singapore, and if it is in any way like Singapore, then it should have opted out like Singapore did  in 1963 from the Federation. As Wahab said in Sarawak Tribune today (June 23,  2010) Sarawak’s hardcore poor poverty has gone down to below 10%, but why was it Taib said that the Bumiputra were, are and still poor, and thats why they depend on BN and continue to support BN. By rights, Sarawakians should be richer from their brethems in Semenanjung, despite being the richest State in Malaysia. Why so? Jawab lah Wahab.


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BN's concept is if the money is planned `before' (official) election (period) it is not corruption!

BN disclosed the figure confidently in Parliament because it has a default answer to accusation of bribery: the allocations were pre-planned. Well, the best practice elsewhere eg Philippines, is to stop any allocations, tenders etc 3 months ahead of any elections  to stop the perception of corruption and to stop incumbent parties/candidates to gain mileage from these public fund allocations. BN is simply a hypocrite to claim that the allocations were pre-planned-because there were no similar allocations elsewhere in the country. The claim should be challenged to the last avenue!


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SUPP’s ‘game playing’ revealed //
Chris Reubens
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 14:35(Malaysian Mirror)
KUCHING – The SUPP could never get it right. This time, they were proven wrong again the issue of land lease renewal involving more than 1500 people.


Violet showing the data she had obtained .

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SUPP’s candidate Robert Lau jr had reportedly accepted the election results-but not his boss Wong Soon Koh who claim that the DAP imported Penisular political culture to Sarawak. Let’s see if the politicians only speak for the benefit of his own supporters or he really mean it!

黄和联:要告就告 行动党补选没犯错
砂行动党主席黄和联国州议员要求黄顺舸尽快对外宣布﹐其口述的“恶棍” 所谓何人﹖

(本报民都鲁20日讯)砂行动党主席黄和联国州议员扬言﹐他无须对砂州第二财长拿督斯里黄顺舸或把行动党控上法庭一事做准 备功夫﹐因他强调﹐行动党在诗巫国席补选期间﹐并无犯下错误。



针对砂州第二财政部长拿督斯里黄顺舸于今日的报章上提出﹐或把行动党控上法庭一事﹐其中还指责行动党善于玩弄政治手段﹐并在诗巫国席补选期间发表引起选民 反弹的种种言论。黄和联于今早受邀出席行动党民都鲁支部2010年(第三十一届)常年大会后受访时抨击黄顺舸完全不了解何谓“民主”﹐更不了解何谓选举过 程﹐鉴于此﹐他建议黄顺舸熟读高庭和联邦法院的法律。

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There were a couple of cases which we come across where PR campaigners were stopped at long houses: at 1 case the PR campaigners were asked to leave by the Tuai Rumah because they fear that the BN campaigners already inside could cause trouble; in another case a BN minister want the PR campaigners stopped -but the residents objected. Finally the minister was sent off the long house! In both instances it is clear that it was not the Tuai Rumah who were the culprits-at most they were trying to avoid trouble that could stem from intolerant BN campaigners!
June 15, 2010

Sarawak EC rapped over directive to Iban chiefs

hornbillunleashed @ 9:00 AM


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DAP’s Wong Ho Leng become DAP’s 2nd MP in parliament due to the Sibu by-election victory. His 1st speech in parliament certainly is a major departure from the speeches by his predecessors. But has he spoken for all Sarawakians-especially for the majority Dayak communties? Read for your self his speech from here:

Speech on 10MP – English

Speech by Wong Ho Leng, MP Bandar Sibu in Parliament on the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) on 14th June, 2010.
Datuk Speaker,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to participate in the debate on the 10MP. I intend to talk on several issues.


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The report on watching elections in the portal Nut Graph generated a good debate on postal voting -which became an issue at the Sibu by-election, like never before. So what to do with postal voting? We reproduce the debate here so that we can continue debating it -or else the debate will disappear as the original report is pushed back by new reports in the same portal. Our response to the last comment is in the comment section. Briefly a blogger argued that he/she find defense of the Malaysian practice in some `advance Western countries’….

9 Responses to “Watching our elections” from Nut Graph.


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