Now and then the EC/SPR come out to defend itself-but quietly. So there is a report of such a defense  that the EC issued and reported by CJ Malaysiakini below. From the report the EC try to refute some `lies’ -but: who made such alleged lies? There is no one quoted as the source of the alleged lies. The  it is funny that the alleged lies seems to have obvious flaws that it is unlikely that anyone could have done it eg 1 allegation is regarding the redelineation of the electoral boundaries for 13th GE-well everyone knows that the EC is not doing it for reasons best known to itself-then how could anyone make allegation about it? More funny-EC offer its `refutation’ to a non-existent `lie’ -smart? Then the real thing come behind: the EC simply `make correction’ to the constituencies with the effect of changing some voters from their original constituency which the EC said was `wrong’! See the connection-where the EC can’t change boundaries officially-may be due to lack of majorities in the legislatures by BN-but it is doing this in effect by switching voters around in way that work the same way as changing constituencies! If there was a mistake before-why didn’t the EC announce it and give some idea of the extent and source of the `mistake’ that suppose to happen `all over the country’! Is there a scandal that the media and NGOs missed all this time when the EC made such extensive `mistakes’ that there are unknown no of voters who need to switch constituencies? The last one about cleaning the electoral rolls-with the usual excuse to absorb the EC from having to clean them up ie the EC has `no power’. However the EC does have power to register hundreds of thousands of illegals as voters as claimed by a few authors in Sabah!  It seems that the alleged lies compiled by the EC are not entirely untruthful-just require more reference and different perspectives!

Election Commission out with The Truth

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The misery of the upper Bengoh folks who face flooding by the Bengoh dam has not gone unheeded: a civil society group LightupBorneo -with the help and donations from West Malaysians, managed to help the folks there to install 2 mini hydros for their new village at Kg Nyegol, above the dam water, but still within their ancestral lands. Enjoy the short video documentation(13min). Camera: Joachim Leong, Samel Wong.

Original Bidayuh music recorded on the spot. See video here.

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Proham declines EC’s invite to observe polls
9:45PM Jul 19, 2012 | 3
international observers 180712Human rights group Proham delivers another slap in the face of EC – it says it is unable to do grassroots monitoring.

Some of the 20 conditions imposed on accredited election observers by the EC/SPR are:

1. can’t take picture of frauds without permission by KTM/presiding officer;

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It has happened before-yet it is blatantly done again: BN politicians are ordering the government staff who are supposed to have sworn to neutrality by the General Orders, to defend the ruling party! Kemas officers are named as the political operatives to fight the political battle for BN. Have they been paid to do this? The worst consequence of this politicisation is: now do the government then promote the civil servants on their performance in their job-or in campaigning against the Opposition? This is a fundamental weakness of the civil service where the performance will be undermined by politicking demand from the political boss!

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There will be some significant changes to the polling rules for coming 13th GE: eg disabled persons can now be assisted by any `trusted friends’ in casting their ballots -a departure from previous arrangement where only close relatives are allowed. This change means that party officials can get into the polling booth to legally `assist’ the disabled voter. Why? Is this an improvement or an arrangement to open the door for political interference into the polling process? More problems may be found when the full range of `changes’ are disclosed! The EC has certainly try to `change’ -but the changes they bring in may not be the change that the people expect!

Slight changes to voting process for next general election

Posted on July 12, 2012, Thursday

THIS IS THE WAY: Abdul Aziz shows how the new system works during a press conference at his office in Putrajaya. — Bernama photo

PUTRAJAYA: There will be slight changes to the voting process for the next general election to ensure more transparent polls based on recommendations made by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on Electoral Reform.

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It was not long ago that the EC chief claimed that he was convinced that the BN chief cum PM was legally well briefed to promise Rm5mil to Sibu voters if they voted BN candidate from SUPP. Will the same EC chief agree that such blatant vote buying prohibited anywhere else in the world’s democracies will be stopped by the code of ethics for the caretaker government? In addition there has been mountainous amount of abuse of government resources for BN’s campaigns-will EC’s code of ethics stop all these robberies that helped BN’s victories? Don’t wait to find out what these codes of ethics will come to. If the EC cannot enforce its existing codes of ethics for election thus far -which also stipulate that incumbent party cannot abuse govt facilities during campaign, what hope is there that another code of ethics will be enforceable?

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Why would EC be given such a budget hike when its performance has been much criticised? In looking at the excuse to hike EC’s budget Rm360mil is for `operation’ -without any explanation of what they mean. Would they spend more on voter registration-which is very poor in many interior areas of East Malaysia? Would they spend more on voter education-where vote buying is rampant? Would they create new investigation arm to look into corruption and abuse of public resources which the MACC had publicly refused to handle? If these are not the areas to improve the EC operation then the public would be sceptical and cynical enough to think that the huge budget hike would go towards some unspeakable electoral manipulations! It is time for the EC to come clean on its new budget!


Uproar over RM700mil for polls expenses
Syed Jaymal Zahiid
| July 11, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat demands to know why it takes that much to run the 13th national elections.

KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Rakyat leaders today raised alarms over the Election Commission’s RM700 million budget to run the looming 13th general polls which is a drastic increase from its initial RM40 million allocation.

PKR senator Syed Husin Ali, speaking to reporters here, revealed Putrajaya’s request for an additional RM360 million for the EC’s operational expenses, and RM300 million for “security expenses” amid an ongoing national dispute over the credibility of the country’s elections system.

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